DynaVap “M”


Full Description

The DynaVap “M” Vaporizer is a high-quality portable vapes compatible with both dry herbs and concentrates and capable of constantly delivering flavorful and effective vapor.

Manufactured in the USA using only the best medical grade stainless steel, the Dynavap M are simple to use, affordable and battery-free portable vaporizer. Extremely efficient and effective, the Dynavap M can be used with a torch lighter, standard lighters or even a candle flames.

Tiny in size but not in performance, these DynaVap utilize a unique mechanical system [temperature indicating cap] that produces a clicking sound when heated up sufficiently, providing perfect quality vapor at every draw.

Product Characteristics:

Midsection: Stainless Steel
Condenser: Standard
Mouthpiece: Stainless Steel
Total Length: 92 mm

Box Includes:

  • 1pc Stainless Steel “M” Condenser
  • 1pc Heating Cap
  • 1pc M Stem w/ built in Mouthpiece
  • 1pc Dynavap Standard Container